My wife wants a divorce how can I change her mind ?

Just because a man and a woman say “I want it” and agree to be married for life does not mean that everything will stay perfect in their marriage from then on.
To make a marriage last, a couple must make an effort to grow love, respect and attraction over time.

My wife has filed for divorce, what should I do to change her mind?

If your wife said, “It’s over. I want a divorce ”, it is natural that you fear losing her forever. Painful as it may be to admit, your wife probably wouldn’t ask you for a divorce if she didn’t think she had very good reasons to do so.
So, if you are serious about getting your wife to reconsider the divorce and change her mind, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any insecurities that might build up between you and her.
The following 5 suggestions are no guarantee of drastic change, but they will greatly increase your chances of her changing her mind and wanting to stay with you. You sure are a good man, but there were things about your demeanor, attitude, and approach to marriage that really turned her off, and you know what those things are.
What matters now is how quickly you correct those mistakes so she can find the man she may feel emotionally drawn to again.

Proven Steps You Can Take to Change Your Wife’s Mind:

1- Show him that you have changed: Do not try to tell him that you have changed; show him. Let her feel different around you and she will change her mind about the divorce on her own.
2- Focus on understanding and solving some of the issues that stifled her
3- Focus on making her smile, laugh and feel happy to be with you, rather than making her feel like your roommate or friend.
4- Allow her to feel more feminine in your relationship, allow her to relax more
5- Turn your arguments into laughter, stay in good emotions so as not to take everything seriously. Rather than endless and pointless arguing with your wife, just focus on making her laugh and feeling good with you again.

To get your wife to reconsider the divorce and change her mindset, the main thing you need to focus on is changing the way you interact with her and communicate with her from now on, so that she naturally changes how she feels about you and about being with you.
You can change her feelings and make your wife reconsider the divorce, just by giving her the experience of attraction that she expects from you.
Don’t waste a lot of time trying to get your wife to reconsider the divorce by trying to reason with her. Instead, change her mind by reactivating her feelings of respect and attraction for you, and building on that.

signs your wife wants to leave you

How to win your wife back during divorce?

A marriage or relationship will stay together if both people remain relevant to each other and love, respect and attraction deepen over time.
Most likely, she no longer trusts you or she lacked patience with you, which means that it will not be very easy to win her back. If you put pressure on your spouse, you will simply make her react negatively and she will subconsciously reject you. However, with noticeable changes, you can break down the barriers that she voluntarily erected.
Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  1. Stop asking questions and demanding explanations
  2. Stop making long, heavy conversations over and over again
  3. Stop asking her about everything she says and does
  4. Stop trying to impress her and make her happy with trivial things
  5. Stop reacting to everything with resentment and anger
  6. Stop texting her about anything emotion or relationship related
  7. Stop talking about her to friends and family

In conclusion, be more invested in the process of realizing your worth as a man rather than in the goal of saving your status as a husband.
There is nothing more intriguing and unsettling to a woman at the same time than a husband who has clearly realized his own worth as a man.

what to say to a wife who wants a divorce

How to stop a divorce?

Divorce is a complex, emotionally and financially costly process that should not be taken lightly.
Divorce proceedings are often complicated and time consuming because there are many issues to consider beyond the administrative aspect.
The length of the process allows parties to have many opportunities to stop the process should they change their mind.
The divorce can then be interrupted by withdrawing the petition or asking the court for a referral.

What to say to a wife who wants a divorce?

If your wife wants a divorce, it is likely that she has been considering this option for some time and that the journey has been made in her head. It is likely that she no longer trusts you and your relationship and that she has lost all hope of a possible reconciliation between you.
If your wish is to change your wife’s mind about divorce, you must first understand her reasoning in order to consider divorce. We suggest these few points that may help your wife feel included in her request.

1- Show empathy
2- Regret that you hurt him and apologize, a sincere apology can help mend a broken heart. The goal is to make yourself forgive, you will need to put a lot of energy into it.
3- Improve communication, once your wife has heard that you regret and that you confirm that you have hurt her, she will be more open to discussion.
4- Listen to what she expresses to you, show her a real interest. Court her.
5- Make sure she feels heard, don’t be defensive
6- Learn to manage anger

It is difficult to cope with marital discord in a healthy way. To do this, we invite you to come and visit site on the practice of well-being, which may be the way to help you release anger and anxiety by performing some meditation and relaxation exercises.

It is very common to hear that actions speak more than words. It is possible to say good things, to make promises, but without any real intention to give them.
This is the reason why we encourage you to take actions because they are more meaningful and more easily verifiable.
It is necessary in any process to be consistent between what you say and what you do to restore confidence in your word.

Make your wife a priority over other responsibilities, and think about how your life would be irreversibly changed if she wasn’t.

Signs your wife wants to leave you

Again this is only a non-exhaustive list, which highlights the most common reasons given by women seeking divorce. This does not mean that you will find the reason for your wife to ask for it at all.

1- Boredom. Let’s face it, marriage is getting boring. It’s just a fact of life… It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong or that you are a bad husband, it’s just the way the world works.
2- Negative external influences (If your wife’s mother or sister doesn’t love you too much). This negative pressure can become overwhelming over time. Especially when dealing with marriage issues, a negative outside influence can have increased power over your wife. So, if you’ve been having problems in your marriage recently and know that one of your wife’s close friends or relatives doesn’t like you, that could be a big reason.
3- You broke your word: It doesn’t matter what you promised. What matters is that you made a commitment to your wife and didn’t follow through.
And then you’ve probably done it over and over and over and over again.
4- Infidelity: This one doesn’t need too much explanation – if you cheated on your wife, that explains why she wants a divorce. Or, if your wife is cheating on you, that also explains why she wants a divorce.
5- She doesn’t love you anymore: She feels that happiness is too difficult or too far from where you are right now, and that divorce would allow her to raise her own happiness to a higher level than ‘she currently cannot. She decided to seek her own happiness individually rather than as a couple.

my wife wants a divorce

What to do when a woman changes her mind about divorce?

It’s imperative that you make a very serious commitment to improving your relationship and the way you communicate with it.
You need to remind her who you are and improve your personality. She must believe you are sincere in your desire to improve and mend your marriage.
Your wife needs to reconnect with positive memories from the past to remind her why she fell in love with you in the first place. At the same time, it would be helpful for you to make personal changes and improvements to validate her concerns and address the original reasons why she is upset.
Finally, remember that separation is not just about not living together and leaving home, a divorce is always very long and trying for the whole family.

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